Morning radio personalities react to format change

For years, the Morning Soul Patrol was a place for Memphians to turn to find a spiritual forum.

Listeners say Power 99 offered self-expression for the hip-hop community.

But it seems their parent company felt it was time to move forward.
One listener brought her question about programming changes right through the doors of Citadel Broadcasting.

"What happened to our favorite radio station?'," the high school student asked.
Power 99, Non-Stop Hip-Hop switched to an adult hit variety station called KIM and Soul Classics 103.5 replaced its Morning Soul Patrol with the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

That means three disc jockeys at Citadel Broadcasting are out of jobs.

"It's business.  It's nothing personal," said former Power 99 Radio Jock Freddy Hydro.  "I take this as a door, an opportunity to do greater things," said former 103.5 Radio Host Mother Wit.

While they're taking it well, Mother Wit says being replaced by Steve Harvey is all about money.

"It's no longer about the people, what the people want.  It's about how much money we can make," Wit said.
Power 99 listeners are threatening a boycott and petition of the new KIM.  Freddy Hydro, says the switch gives the community less choice.

"I would say Power made the ultimate power switch.  They encouraged people to switch to them now they've tuned people out," Hydro said.
Citadel Marketing Director Marvin Emilian says the corporate office wanted to fill a void in the market for adult women.

"We welcome everybody's opinion on it of course, but we're just gonna move forward and try to do the best radio that we can," he commented.  He says community comes first.  "Steve Harvey has his own charity organization and he'll be visiting the market quite often, raising money for different charities and some of that money will be seen in Memphis," Emilien said.
Citadel plans to hire jocks for KIM next year.  Mother Wit will turn to the Internet and stream inspirational vignettes.  Freddy Hydro is working on a TV show: he describes it as BET, meets MTV meets Memphis.  The third jock, Doughboy, is being relocated to another station in the radio group.