Eight-year-old the victim of attempted abduction

An eight-year-old boy was walking to school Tuesday morning when he was the victim of an attempted abduction.

The boy, a student at Evans Elementary, was approached by a man in a black Mitsubishi near Clearbrook and Cottonwood. When the boy walked near to the car, the man grabbed his backpack. The boy was able to escape and run to the school, where police were called.

After hearing about the attempted abduction, Elizabeth Williams picked up her niece and nephew early, instead of letting them walk home.

"I was shocked, I really was," she said.

Student Chuntez Jones not only got an escort, home from her Dad, but also a lesson in what to do should he become the target of a stranger.  "I would run," he said. "I would run home and I'd stay in the house and call my mom and dad."

Cynthia Alexander, principal at Evans Elementary, said the school is doing everything it can to protect kids.  "We have a co-act unit that's next door," she said. "They're out patrolling the neighborhood and are stationed out with our crossing guard every morning and every afternoon.  They're helping us secure parameters even beyond what they can visualize 2:36>
But today that wasn't enough, as a child barely managed to escape the clutches of a stranger.

Memphis Police are currently looking for the black Mitsubishi and its driver, described by the boy as a tall, older black male, wearing a white shirt and black pants.