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Memphis City Schools encourage renewed commitment by parents

Sylvia Lloyd-Chism is like a lot of Memphis parents.  She wants the best for her children.  She knows that requires her involvement in their education.

"You got to know what's going on at the school and you have to make time to be there," says Lloyd-Chism.

She realizes parental involvement has a direct effect on behavior.  And behavior is all too often bad inside many Memphis schools.

"It's concerning," says Lloyd-Chism.

The district wants to focus on a solution.  Meetings like one held Tuesday night are part of the plan, as is education expert Brenda Thomas.  She travels the country encouraging teachers and parents.

"What are the things we can do in the school to bridge the gap between the home and school such that are children are successful," says Thomas.

She says that includes being successful at both behavior and academics.

"Research has told us that when families are involved, academic achievement is on the rise," says Thomas.

She knows not every child has a perfect home, but is convinced most parents want their children to get a quality education.  Many parents say they're willing to lend a hand and hope others will follow their lead.

"For them to understand that their children need them not only when they're in trouble, but when they're not in trouble," says parent Sherry Duncan.

And know they have a place to turn if and when they need help.

One reason there is renewed emphasis in parental involvement is "No Child left Behind."  That's the federal law aimed at improving public education.  Some say better parental involvement equals better grades which result in a better standing.

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