Jury sequestered as Jordan trial begins

The State of Tennessee began presenting its murder case Wednesday in Jackson against a man accused of killing three people in a state highway garage.  Attorneys presented their opening statements Wednesday morning in the first-degree murder trial of David Lynn Jordan.

A jury of seven men and five women is hearing the case and is being sequestered for the expected two weeks of the trial. Jordan is accused of opening fire in the Jackson state Transportation Department garage where his estranged wife worked, killing her, a Forestry Division employee and a delivery service driver in January 2005.

When testimony began, prosecutors called witnesses to show the Jordans' marriage was in trouble.

One of Jordan's co-workers admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with her that involved hugging and kissing.  Prosecutors said it was a relationship that Jordan was aware of, and wasted no time painting him as the jealous husband who went on a shooting rampage.
Another witness, T-DOT employee Leon Stockton, told the jury that on the day of the shooting, Renee Jordan said she was avoiding her husband's phone calls.  Shortly after, David Jordan was driving erratically towards the T-DOT plant.
Jordan struck the car in front of witness Sonny Grimm.  Grimm and the other driver followed Jordan to T-DOT, where Grimm saw Jordan shoot the driver of the other car.

Although Jordan was caught with a shotgun and numerous other weapons in his car, he claims to be innocent of first degree murder because he didn't plan to kill his wife and two other people.

If convicted, Jordan faces the death penalty.