Local restaurants react to spinach scare

The strain of e. Coli that sickened more than a hundred people across the country may be more potent than past outbreaks of food poisoning.

Scientists are still trying to pinpoint the exact source of the bacteria that contaminated the spinach, and they're still warning people not to eat ANY fresh spinach.

That has local restaurants cooking up new ways to serve dishes and keep you safe.

Fresh spinach is off the menu at Bosco's in Overton Square - but the recall didn't just affect the restaurant's spinach salad. Owner and manager Andrew Feinstone told Action News Five, "Not only did they quit selling spinach, all the California greens, they had a little spinach in them also. So it was more than one dish, it was all our lettuces."

With 12 salads on the menu, Feinstone had to act quickly to find mixed greens. His solution was to buy all the lettuces separately and mix them at the restaurant. According to Feinstone, "It did up our costs a lot doing all the different blends yourself. but it's worth it to make sure that everything is safe."

In spite of those efforts, some people are still worried - like one woman who sent her salad back because she thought she saw spinach in it.

But we found other lunch-goers, like Julie Black, who refuse to give it up. Black told us, "I guess you just don't think to worry about it. Figure they already pulled what they needed to off the shelves." There's no word yet on when it will be back.

Cooked spinach doesn't seem to be a problem.

We checked with a number of restaurants in the MId-South - all of them told us there's using frozen spinach for things like spinach dip and Italian spinach.

Frozen spinach is not part of the recall.