Residents in North Hollywood area upset about not having community policing unit

A dark room with a locked door and a marker board on the floor.

A facility built with your tax dollars unused for a year.

North Hollywood residents thought it was going to house a Community Policing Unit.

"We have to jump hoops in order to work with the police because they're not located in this neighborhood," commented Rhodes College Urban Studies Instructor, Doctor Michael Kirby.

He helped residents lobby to bring a COACT unit to Peres Avenue in North Memphis to target violent crime, drugs, prostitution and aggressive panhandling in the area.  However, the facility has no furniture, computers, or phones.

Dr. Kirby brings his own chairs and tables to neighborhood meetings.
Bart Gary's family business, Hollywood Furniture and Hardware Company, has been in North Memphis 82 years.  "I just know it's been a long drawn out process.  Areas of Memphis, like North Memphis, are sometimes forgotten, maybe by some of the leadership when there's more high profile areas that are getting the attention," he said.
Action News 5 brought these concerns to City Councilman Myron Lowery.

He calls it a problem of miscommunication.

He says this Squad Room was never an official COACT unit and that donated furniture and computers had to be moved for the building renovation.

But now, one year later, the items are no where to be found.

"Now that he renovations have been completed, we're waiting for official word for the COACT Unit to move in," Lowery said.

He says the city supports community policing and that he will bring neighborhood concerns to Police Director Larry Godwin when he returns from a trip out of town.  He also says they'll look into the missing items.