David Cullipher appears in Germantown court

Will Hogue and Clay McLain came a long way to court to face the man they say put drugs in their drinks.

Father David Hogue says, "One child came from Texas, one from Clarksville...I mean it's interrupting their school...it's interrupting their baseball..."

According to court documents, David Cullipher of Germantown is accused of inviting the two young men to his home last May to discuss real estate opportunities.

His accusers say Cullpiher then dropped the drug triazalian in their beers and then asked one of them to disrobe.

Mother Terri McLain says "We just hope that in the future no one else is a victim of this and if our boys can help that then that's why we are here."

Victims and their families waited for hours and for a time thought Cullipher would be a no show.

Cullipher's attorney Lee Filderman says, "There will not be a preliminary hearing tonight...We are entering a pre-sentence report...Mr. Cullpiher has elected not to participate in the media frenzy regarding this case..."

But, Cullipher was unable to escape the cameras...he had nothing to say during his brief court appearance.

His attorney says the pre-trial report will show his innocence.

Filderman continues, "Mr. Cullipher is a married man with 3 children who has no prior criminal record and most importantly is not the villain he has been portrayed as..."

Those who disagree were hoping for a different outcome Wednesday night.

David Hogue continues, "I would hope to see him confess..I would hope to see him face up to his consequences and I would hope to see him get some help."

It will be another month before there's any hope of that happening.