Garage thieves attack Southaven woman

In a normally quiet neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, Southaven resident Margaret Bazemore received a shocking surprise.

Bazemore left her garage door open as she drove down her street to pick up her seven-year-old daughter from her bus stop.  Bazemore said she was gone for about three minutes.  When she returned home, she pulled into her driveway and saw a man and woman back their truck into her garage.

"I got out of my truck and came around and his truck was right there," she said. "I was like, 'Can I help you?  Are you guys looking for something?'"

The driver of the truck then drove out of Bazemore's garage and hit her.

"I was on the hood of the truck, and I was sliding down and holding on the bug shield," she said, "and then I rolled off the side."

Aside from a few bumps and bruises, Bazemore was okay.  Mentally, she is still concerned because her children saw what happened.  "I haven't slept the last couple of days," she said.  "I keep hearing things.  My daughter is a little nerve-wracked."

Bazemore said the thieves stole an air compressor and a few other items from her garage.  Southaven Deputy Police Chief Steve Pirtle said whether your trip is short or long, you should always keep your garage door closed.  "Criminals operate by opportunity, and if the opportunity is not presented to them, then there's nothing there to act upon," he said.

Bazemore said it was a lesson she learned the hard way.

Police are looking for an older model maroon Dodge pickup, with no tags.  If you have any information about Tuesday's incident, call the Southaven Police Department.