Mid-South Fair prepares for severe weather

Friday afternoon at the Mid-South Fair, officials kept their eyes to the sky, anticipating severe weather.  Matthew Snyder, head of emergency services for the fair, said he was staying in close contact with the National Weather Service.

"They told us we're in a moderate to severe risk," he said of the severe weather threat.  "Most will be northeast of us, and around 35 mile per hour winds."

Snyder said wind could be the biggest problem for the fair, with many tents and stands populating the grounds.  According to Snyder, most vendors with tents should be prepared. "We've gone through and looked with our venders to secure as much as we can to protect our patrons from the wind," he said.

Snyder said wind and weather shouldn't affect rides.  "Typically, these rides, especially the really high rides, are rated for really high winds," he said. "So what we're expecting shouldn't affect them."

Most fairgoers said they were ready for whatever the weather brought.

The Mid-South Fair runs until October 1st.