Midtown incident draws attention to pit bull problem

You can tell by looking at her tee-shirt featuring cats.  Cheryl Dare loves animals.

"Have all my life," says Dare.

But she loathes what she says she saw outside one midtown apartment.  She says a man had two pit bull puppies tied to a chain.

"He was taking one pup and throwing him on the other pup," says Dare.  "He kept throwing one until they did the snarling and biting thing," she adds.

Nobody wanted to talk when we showed up at the apartment.  Two dogs were quickly shuffled inside.  Our knocks on the door moments later were not answered.  Animal control isn't surprised if dogs were being trained to fight.

"The street fighting is what has really been on the rise," says Memphis Animal Services Administrator Phil Snyder.

He says more than 5000 pit bulls have been through here in just the last two and a half years.

"We find these dogs in abandoned buildings, fighting on street corners, abandoned apartments," says Snyder.

While not all pits are potential killers, Snyder says there's no turning back once dogs are trained to fight.

"If you adopt one out, you hope for the best," says Snyder.  "But it could bite a child, a senior citizen, it could be a serious or even a fatal attack," he adds.

"It's the human's fault, not the dog's," says Dare.

She just wishes pit owners would think twice about creating animals which pose such a threat.