Four Arkansas Counties Declare Emergencies After Weekend Flooding

Four north Arkansas counties declared emergencies Saturday because of severe flooding. A series of storms dumped almost 10 inches of rain in some areas.

Two people were believed missing in Sharp County. Wire reports show the missing include a retired firefighter from Trumman and a 16-year old boy who was swept away in his vehicle about 10 miles east of Hardy, AR.

Search and rescue teams spent Saturday looking for campers stranded near the Spring River. Some campers were stuck in trees when campgrounds in low lying areas flooded.

Emily Taylor of the state Department of Emergency Management told the Associated Press that a tornado touched down five miles outside Ash Flat, damaging 12 homes and destroying two others. Two people were taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

County officials in Clay, Fulton, Randolph and Sharp counties declared emergencies, but have not yet sought state assistance.