Workplace Shooter Convicted, Awaiting Sentencing

A man convicted Saturday for murdering his estranged wife and two others must wait at least one more day to hear his fate.

Jurors found David Jordan guilty on all counts Saturday night. He was charged for the deaths of three people and the shooting of two others. Jordan shot up a T-DOT garage in January 2005.

Dr. Amy McMaster got right to the point and identified 11 gunshot wounds on a poster sized autopsy photo of Donna Renee Jordon. Dr. McMaster described how two of the shots were fired into the victim's head at close range. "Other things come out of the barrel of a gun besides a bullet and in this case the gun was held close enough to the head so that burnt gun powder is deposited on the skin around the entrance wound."

Jurors were asked to examine each shocking photo including that of victim David Gordon who was shot 13 times and Jerry Hopper who was shot twice.

The three victims were at the Department of Transportation office in Jackson in January of 2005 when Jordan showed up with a 9 millimeter pistol and a rifle.

Several character witnesses for the defense took the stand Sunday. Many of them work at the Madison County jail. They described Jordan as a model inmate, quiet and well behaved. And they say he poses no risk to the inmates or jail employees. Family and friends also took the stand including Jordan's younger brother. "It would be devastating cause he's always been my best friend," said Jordan's brother Larry. He also narrated a slide show that began with photos of his big brother as a young child and ended with a photo of Jordan's four daughters who wrote letters that were read in court, asking the jury to spare their father's life.

Jordan could spend the rest of his life in prison for the 2005 murders or he could be sentenced to death. The sentencing phase of his trial is scheduled to resume Monday morning in Jackson, Tennessee.