Campus monitor at Kirby High School sees program as success

After hundreds of people applied, all 60 campus monitor positions with Memphis City Schools were recently filled.  Every high school now has at least one monitor, and some have up to three.  The school system also assigned monitors to some middle schools.

After one week on the job, Kirby High School's monitor, George Small, said his presence was making a difference.  "Some of them welcome us," Small said.  "I had a kid the other day say, 'Ya'll take ya'll's job too seriously.'"

Small's experience with children made a big impression on Kirby High Assistant Principal Mannie Lowrey.  "The kids know him," Lowrey said. "They see him and they know, 'Here comes Mr. Small,' so they're going to have to pull our their hall pass and let him see that."

The job has made a difference to Small, too.  "I needed to get back in the workforce," he said.  "This is definitely a good start."

To show his gratitude, small plans to monitor Kirby's halls every school day until the temporary job ends in December.  Though the temporary positions are scheduled to end then, officials have not ruled out keeping some monitors in place if the program is viewed as a success.