SSGT Natasha Cottrell, U.S. Air Force

Growing up, this Memphis native Natasha Cottrell was always on the go. From East of the Mississippi, to East Asia, it's been a dream for Natasha to see the world.

Natasha's mother, Marian Sprawling says, "when she was in high school, she did a lot of travelling, and she liked the idea of traveling." And now, as a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, Natasha is doing just that. But seeing new places isn't the only reason she volunteered her services to the county. "She wants to be a doctor. She's studying, she's going to school to be a doctor, and she's just very brilliant and smart," her mother says.

Those who know Natasha best say her passion for helping others is nothing new. She's very involved in her church, even when she's away from home. And whether she's serving children, her church, or her country, Natasha Cottrell's family agrees, "she's just a very special lady, and we're very proud of her."