Investigation into Panola County bus accident continues

Eleven days after a horrific school bus crash in Panola County, Mississippi, Shavonna Harris said although her injuries are fading, her memory of the accident was fresh.

"The truck his us, and the next thing you know we started flipping and sliding," she said.

The Tunica County School bus that Harris and dozens of others were riding in flipped when an SUV clipped it.

Qwondra Smith, who's niece and cousin were hurt in the wreck, said somebody should be held accountable.  "I think charges should be pressed, because so many kids got hurt on the bus," she said.

Toxicology reports on the drivers of the bus and the SUV have been completed, but according to Assistant District Attorney Allen Couch, the results won't be made public until the accident investigation is complete.

"The most time consuming (part of the investigation) is the accident reconstruction, where they take all the data and measurements from the crash scene, and determine the direction of the vehicles, the rates of speed and all the technical matters that will help us determine weather or not there was some act of negligence was involved," Couch said.

Once the investigation is complete, it will be up to the District Attorney to determine if there is enough evidence to charge the person responsible for the wreck with a felony.  If so, the case would go to a grand jury.  Under Mississippi law, state police can file misdemeanor charges against drivers without going to a grand jury.