Family reacts to purchasing online horses

The Banks family of Fayette County are among the victims...They bought horses at but didn't get what they say they paid for.

"The information and the pictures we got of the horse looked nothing like the horse that we received," Cathy Banks told us last week.

The horse they received could not even be ridden.  Some folks in California had similar complaints.  All point a finger at Trina Kenney.  She's the lady who sold them the horses.

"I want her in prison," said Alcina Talbot of California.  "I want to make sure she never owns anything living again," she added.

Turns out,'s President and Founder wants the same thing.

"It's a shame that she's done what she's done," says Aaron Bromagem.

Bromagem sent Action News 5 a letter days after our original story aired. He thanks us for shedding light on the situation and states the web-site has tried to police Trina Kenney for nearly six months.

"She's been creating other accounts under other names (presumably family members) to try to get past our security measures," says Bromagem.

He says people who use are a close community and word travels fast.  Basically, Trina Kenney has been black-listed.

"Obviously, with your guys help, we've exposed her for who she is and how she does business," says Bromagem.

Too bad it comes too late for the Banks family.

As we've reported, Trina Kenney is under investigation in California.  She has already been cited by one county's animal control.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed and Kenney has refused comment.