Jurors hear taped confession in day 2 of VanTilburg trial

In the second day of the re-trial of former Bartlett firefighter Charles VanTilburg, jurors heard details of Toby Gibson's fatal shooting in the accused killer's own words, as prosecutors played Charles VanTilburg's emotional taped confession.

"I didn't even know I had my hand on the trigger, but anyway, it, the gun went off," VanTilburg said on the tape.

Five days after the shooting, in June of 2000, VanTilburg told police about the fight that led up to the shooting, the shooting itself, and how he spent the next few days trying to cover it up.

"I mean, I know now I should have called and reported it, but I just saw everything I had just going away," he said on the tape.

The jury also heard VanTilburg talk about taking his children out for dinner while Gibson's body lay in his backyard.  They also heard details about how VanTilburg cleaned up, hid the body in a utility van, and later dropped it in a ditch.
Gibson's family members said outside the courtroom that the tape shows VanTilburg for who he really is:

"One, he's a killer," said Jeff Gibson, uncle of victim Tony Gibson.  "Two, he's a liar."
VanTilburg claimed he didn't mean to kill Gibson, but was in too deep to turn back.

Testimony was scheduled to continue Thursday morning.  The jury is sequestered in the trial.