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Customer complains repair shop is holding his TV for ransom

Jim Wells always enjoyed sitting down in front of his TV.

"It was a 50 inch wide-screen," says Wells.

These days, that big screen is sitting inside Memphis Service Center on Raines Road.  It's been there for a more than a month after Wells says the shop wanted $600 to fix it. 

"I said no way," recalls Wells.  "And I said just bring the TV back and I'll be happy," he adds.

But he says the shop won't return the TV unless he pays $119.  That's on top of the nearly $80 spent on an estimate. 

"If I don't pay the ransom--I don't get my TV back," says Wells.

Wells filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  We found out he's not the only one.

"This company has had eight complaints in the past 36 months and they have an unsatisfactory record with us for failure to respond to most of those complaints," says Randy Hutchinson, President & CEO of the Mid-South BBB.

Action News 5 took this latest complaint to the shop ourselves.  The manager did not back down.

"As long as he don't pay it--it's going to sit in back of the shop," manager David Carpenter told us.

Folks at the shop say the $200 to return the TV covers labor costs.

"Cause it took three or four hours to go inside and look at the thing..or longer," employee Guy Jamison told us.

Neither of these guys cared to comment on their shop's less than perfect record with the BBB.

Meantime, Wells is left to weigh his options.

"I've been taken," he says.

He is now considering a trip to court.  And while Wells did file a complaint with the BBB, he should have checked in with them beforehand.  That might have saved him both money and misery.

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