Police investigate possible connection in home invasions

Andrea Stempel thought Arlington would be a safe place to raise her three daughters.

Stempel says, "We never thought it would happen in our neighborhood."

At 3 AM Monday, three men falsely identifying themselves as FBI agents barged into a home on Mahogany Drive.  Andrea Hodges was home with her two children and a friend Ricky Dixon. Dixon began shooting at the men.

Steve Shular with the Shelby County Sheriff's department says, "There was a lot of exchanging of bullets in the bedroom of the house and the men ran out and luckily left."

Neighbor Ginny Miller says, "This is a nice neighborhood, it's pretty unfortunate."

Miller watched as squad cars swarmed her cul-de-sac.

Miller continues, "I guess we were just living in a dream world out here in Arlington thinking everything was different."

When sheriff's deputies later searched the home, they found a duffel bag containing 49 thousand dollars, prescription drugs, and Ricky Dixon's wallet.  They also found marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia in another part of the house.

Both Hodges and Dixon were arrested on drug charges and investigators have found a connection between the Arlington house and a similar home invasion in Collierville on September 16th.

Shular continues, "We have determined that the lady, Mrs. Hodges, who lived in the Arlington home, knew the lady who lived at the home in Collierville."

Even though investigators say there was nothing random about this most recent crime, neighbors aren't taking any chances.

Stempel continues, "Everyone who doesn't haven't an alarm system is reinstalling their alarm systems, locking gates, and getting motion detectors...its just not something you expect to happen in the suburbs."

But the fact that it did has shaken their sense of security.