Cordova High students unaware of threat

Students at Cordova High School had no idea someone might be plotting to shoot them and bomb their school.

When asked about whether or not there was talk about this at school today, Cordova High student Justin Smith says, "No."

According to a police report...a student mapped out various areas of Cordova High where fellow classmates would be shot and the school would be blown up.  When the boy's father reported it to police, crisis counselors recommended a mental evaluation.

Cordova High student Kantreal Jones says, "That's crazy...I haven't never heard nothing about anybody doing anything like that."

Information that could put students at risk is typically shared with district administrators, but they first heard about it from me two days after the report was filed.  Memphis police say they notified the schools assistant principal.

But because there was NO arrest--the report was filed at the child's home--and the child is in counseling very few details could be made public.

Ed Luckett who has a daughter at the school prefers to be in the loop.

Luckett says, "Usually the principal sends emails about certain things at the school and what's going on at it."

Luckett is disappointed he wasn't better informed but he's grateful no one got hurt.

A school district spokesperson commends the father who came forward saying quote "We are thankful to the father for being responsive and involved.  We are thankful that he sought the appropriate care for his son".