Funeral Directors Wage War on Crime

A funeral procession is a familiar sight on any Mid-South afternoon. But a procession Saturday was a sign of the times. "All the youth killing that's going on in our city right now we are saying enough is enough," said Willard Bell of the Funeral Directors Association.

Funeral directors and morticians fed up with violent crime in Memphis traveled the streets with a police escort. Their procession wound up at New Park Cemetery for a mock burial. An empty white casket symbolized burying the violence. Terrell Johnson said it reminded him of all the murdered children he buried as a former gang member. "That's why we've got to stop this killing. I hope every gangster, every pimp sees this. They've got to get themselves together."

Today Johnson is a minister and his purpose is saving young lives. The people who organized Saturday's rally plan to make it an annual event. They hope to visit local schools to teach kids that the path to crime is a dead end.