Search for suspects leaves neighborhood on edge

Memphis Police use chopper to search neighborhood
Memphis Police use chopper to search neighborhood

A chopper flew overhead. Officers scoured the brush with guns drawn. SWAT teams filed in line searching for three suspects who robbed a Cingular cell phone store on the 5400 block of East Memphis and took police on a chase that ended up in North Memphis. The suspects abandoned the getaway car in a cul de sac on Bent Court.

Police say the suspects shot at them during the afternoon chase and they shot back when the suspects jumped out of the car. Neighbor Dianne Edwards rushed home to check on her sons.

"You can't really say anything about what's going on because it happens all over, but I just want to make sure that they're safe," she said.

Officers went door-to-door trying to track the robbers as Memphis Police shut down the streets surrounding the crime scene. No cars could go in, and none could come out for two and a half hours. The suspects abandoned the car right near Emmett Wheeler's home. He says crime is rising in the neighborhood.

"When we first moved over here this was a nice place. There wasn't a lot of crime," he said.

Police are now processing evidence and working to find the suspects. Neighbors say, though the scene troubled them, they're glad to have the presence of protection.

"It's good to know that there's someone taking care of the situation," Edwards added.

No one was injured during the ordeal.