Trial over irregularities in August 3 election begins

Four candidates took their fight over controversial August election results to court Monday morning.

Candidates Shep Wilbun, Sondra Becton, Otis Jackson, and Vernon Johnson Sr. Filed the lawsuit, claiming hundreds of people cast ballots illegally during early voting.

In court Monday morning, attorneys told the judge their proof of irregularities and problems with the electronic vote count will convince the judge to void the election and order a new one.

On the stand, Wilbun said he was looking for trouble on election day, and he told his poll watchers to call him if they noticed anything suspicious.  Wilbun said one poll watcher told him memory cards were left inside voting machines in Cordova.

Election Commission attorneys said evidence will show that the election was conducted with honesty and integrity.

The bench trial, with Chancellor Donald P. Harris of Franklin presiding, is expected to last two days.