Memphis police investigate separate shooting incidents at Mid-South Fair

"It was out of control," said Crystal Brown.  She lives across the street from the Mid-South Fairgrounds and says the scene was chaotic on the last day of the fair Sunday.

Her neighbor Deidre Seymour says it's nothing new.

"We've been here seven years and every last night of the fair is just kind of wild and crazy," Seymour said.

But this time, less than an hour after the fair closed, two gunmen shot three teens all at once.

Two shootings happened inside the fair, one happened just outside the grounds.

Memphis Police Sergeant Vince Higgins says investigators think the two shootings are related.  "We have indications that it was another neighborhood beef, but right now we have not been able to confirm that information," he added.

Witnesses say it was a feud between Binghampton and Orange Mound and that it started after teens began throwing up gang signs.

Neighbors who live right in between the two neighborhoods worry about getting caught in the crossfire.

"It concerns you because yeah, this is your neighborhood and you worry about what's happening," Brown said.

Seymour says she's glad to hear the city's considering moving the fair from her residential neighborhood.  "It seems like if it was out sort of in a more rural area that it could maybe help with some of the violence," she said.

Police are calling for the community to step up.

"Somebody knows about this just like they've known about all these other shootings just the way they know about all the other crime that goes on in the city.  We're asking them to come on and step forward.  Enough is enough," said Sgt. Higgins.

Investigators have very little information about the shooters.

The victims are in non-critical condition.