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Boarding at Eads Animal Hospital

Our state of the art kennel offers a separate feline suite with 12 cages and 2 condos (for multiple cats) along with a playroom where cats can play individually on numerous "climbing, scratching and swinging toys.

On the canine side, we have 42 indoor runs, 16 indoor/outdoor runs and 9 medium size cages. Canvas cots are available to each animal upon request. The dogs are excercised three to four times a day in one of three outdoor pens. We have recently added a large fenced area containing 8 fifteen foot runs and one wide open space for our guests to really stretch their legs.

All of our guests enjoy Hills Science Diet meals unless otherwise specified by their owners.

Each boarder is observed daily to ensure that any health or behavioral problems are addressed as quickly as possible.

Our caring kennel staff and trained technicians make your pets feel as safe and comfortable as their own pets.

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