County school district officials give PowerSchool a failing grade

It will be out with the new, and in with the old for the Shelby County School District.

At a school board meeting Tuesday, PowerSchool, a software program that was supposed to make the district more efficient, received a failing grade from teachers, parents, and students.  Now, the district plans to quit using the software suite, and go back to a former program, SASS-C.

County school board members were upset about the changeover.  School board member Ron Lollar said using PowerSchool has called the district's credibility into question.

"We're trying to fund a school system, and that's the bottom line," Lollar said.  "We are three months into the school year, with the people who have trusted us for years, because we are accountable and credible."

Superintendent Bobby Webb said by going back to SASS-C, the district will be able to issue report cards, on schedule, by October 23rd, though teachers expressed doubt.

District officials hope to have all the problems worked out of PowerSchool by the next school year.