Former Memphis police officer sentenced in federal court

A former Memphis police officer was sentenced 46 months in prison Tuesday.

In May, James Fetter pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiring to deprive individuals of their civil rights, and one count willfully making an unreasonable seizure of property from an individual.

As part of his plea, Fetter admitted that he and his partner, former Memphis police officer Adam Gagnier, agreed to steal money from people they stopped for traffic violations.  Fetter admitted to stealing $3,000 from the subject of a 2004 traffic stop, and also admitted to conspiring with Gagnier to have his wife and another person falsely arrested.

Gagnier was sentenced to 71 months in jail in July.  Jennifer Vickery, a former Memphis police officer who had also been partnered with Gagnier, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison in May.

Fetter was also ordered to pay nearly $17,000 in restitution as part of his sentence.