SSG Carlos Stigger, U.S. Army

When Carlos and Lucia Stigger first met, it wasn't necessarily a match made in heaven. "They went out to the movies once and she couldn't stand him at first, but she grown to love him and they've been together about 17 years now. They love being in the army together," says Carlos' sister, Mandy McClain. Nearly two decades later, Carlos and Lucia have traveled around the world, raised two beautiful daughters, and dedicated their lives to serving our country.

"When he went to the military right out of high school that's what he wanted to do," says McClain. She says while growing up in Rossville, her brother always wanted to be in the military. Now, in this time of war, he's ready to defend our freedom. "When he spoke to me it was like it's something that has to be done. That people came over to terrorize us and that's what the Army is for. This is their job and this is what they've got to do."

She admits it's not easy wondering what the future holds. "All the years he said it's just like a job, but then in my mind I'm thinking I see what Army people have to do in and my brother might have to be one to go out and fight." It's difficult for her daughter, Erica Hill, as well. "It makes me proud, but I don't want to see them go away to war because I don't want anything to happen to them," says Hill. But, despite the worry, Mandy knows her brother is a dedicated soldier and a true hero. "Very proud. Very proud of him."