Dog dies after grooming accident

Kim Etz of Cordova says she's all cried out as is her young son.

"I had no idea there was even a risk of this happening," says Etz.

She had no idea their beloved Boston Terrier "Angel" could go in for a routine grooming and end up dead.

"I mean, it's cruelty, it's negligence, it's uncalled for," says Etz.

It happened at Berryhill Animal Hospital.  That's where that routine grooming took a wrong turn.  Etz was alarmed when the clinic called her.  She was mortified when she finally saw her dog.

"She was totally limp, comatose, not coherent at all," recalls Etz.  "They left her under the dryer too long," she adds.  "Which I had no idea they used a dryer--she's a short-haired dog."

Etz says "Angel" got so hot her coat burned the vet tech's hands when she picked her up.

"She basically burned alive, no animal deserves that," says Etz.

The owner of Berryhill Animal Hospital agrees.  Dr. Sally Beaumont says nothing like this has ever happened and was clearly upset when we went looking for answers.

"I mean, our job is to help animals," says Beaumont.  "Everyone here is distraught about it," she adds.  "It was a horrible, horrible accident."

Beaumont says the timer on the dryer malfunctioned.  She's says they've gotten rid of that dryer and the employee in charge the day "Angel" died.  They will no longer use heated air.  She knows it's probably not much comfort to "Angel's" owner.

"I would rather my pet have died than her's have died," says Beaumont.  "And if there was anything I could do for her to make it right, I would," she adds.

She can only work to make sure it never happens again.  Meantime, Kim Etz wants much more than that.

"I hope they never get to see another animal again," says Etz.

For now, she and her son are left with only memories of their pet.

Action News 5 also spoke with someone at the Memphis-Shelby County Humane Society.  They say you should check with your groomer to see how they dry your pet.  If it's a device that can get too hot -- insist they don't use it!