SGT James Dawson, U.S. Army

Diana Dawson sends e-mails to her uncle quite often. But it was an e-mail about her uncle that caught our attention.

"Dear WMC-TV, My name is Diana Dawson. My uncle, Sgt. James Dawson is in the army," the email reads. Sgt. Dawson is very special to his niece. "Even though he has done nothing to single him out from the many other soldiers in the US military, he has a special place in his children's heart, his wife's, his family, and mine."

It's a unique bond not many uncles and nieces share. "He's like not really an uncle, he's more of a brother, you know, he teases a lot," Diana admits. When Sgt. Dawson was just 15 years old he moved in with Diana and her family. "Our mother died back when he was 15, and he came to live with us and finished high school with us, so we kind of took him under our wing, kind of raised him and got him through high school," says Cory Dawson, Sgt. Dawson's brother.

After graduation, James Dawson joined the Army. Twelve years later, he's risen through the ranks. As part of the 10th Aviation Mountain Division, he's a blackhawk helicopter crew chief, stationed at Ft. Drum, New York. [

Mr. Dawson knows his brother's service could be needed in the war in Afghanistan, but he says he's ready. "I think he was a bit nervous at first, of the uncertainty but, he's eager, he's waiting now to hear whether or not they go." And if he goes, Diana will be with him, on the internet, offering words of encouragement. "It's a little scary, but at the same time, I'm really proud for him, you know, and be able to say, that's my uncle over there, you know, who's fighting for my country." Because to Diana, he's not only Sgt. Dawson, He's Uncle James.