Specialist Adam Appel, U.S. Army

On the morning of September 11, Bobby Appel thought about his son, Adam, a Specialist Fourth Class in the U.S. Army. "At that time I didn't think about a war, I thought he might go to new York to help search and rescue efforts, clean up efforts, security and that sort of thing," says Bobby Appel. But the country called on Adam to help in another way. As a member of the 10th Mountain Division, he was part of the deployment to Uzbekistan, one of the first troops to fight in the war against terrorism.

"I just think of how proud I am of him, and I know he's going to do a good job," says Mr. Appel. At 19 years-old, life in the military is nothing new for Adam. His father is an Army veteran. His uncle currently serves in the Army. Adam himself was a member of the R.O.T.C. at Milling ton Central High School, where he not only learned the basics of military life, he also toned his musical skills. "He can pick up a sheet of music and in a few minutes play it on the guitar, piano, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, any of that," his father chuckles. But now he's playing a crucial part in Operation Enduring Freedom. "I think he understands the importance of what he's doing over there, I think he understands his job, and what my job is over here." And that job is to support his son.. as he serves our country.