SGT Corey Heimark, U.S. Army

Although they are separated by miles, Shannon Culp says her heart will always be close to her boyfriend, Sergeant Cory Heimark. "There's nothing that I wouldn't do for him, and I know there's nothing he wouldn't do for me or anybody else."

Cory is a medic in the U.S. Army's 502nd Battalion. Stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, it's his job to take care of other soldiers. "Soldiers come in for daily checkups, if they don't feel well, maybe coming down with something, they come in to see him," Shannon proudly says. His ability to help others is not surprising to Shannon and her family. "He loves being around people and helping everybody. I mean he'd give the shirt off his back if he could, to anybody, it doesn't matter who it is. He's a great guy."

A great guy, Shannon says, fighting for a great cause. "I miss him to death, but I do know that the country needs him right now after all that has happened I know he's worked very hard to do this, and I'm very proud of him." Proud that Cory is in her life, and proud that he's fighting for our freedom.