Truckers say drivers should slow down, be cautious

As Lamar Avenue remained closed after Wednesday's deadly tractor trailer accident, truck after truck waited to get through.

Canada-based driver Clarence Kerr couldn't help but think about himself and his safety as he looked at the wreckage.

"The biggest thing I find is everyone's in a hurry," he said. "People just need to slow down a little more."
Memphis truck driver Larry Rogers said the same goes for his co-workers, especially at the intersection where the crash occurred. "There's near misses everyday," he said.
Rogers passes the this area often, and has reported problems in the past. "You've got a lot of trucks that run through the light even after the light is red for two, or three, four or five seconds. The big trucks tend to run the light."
Rogers also blamed the design of the road.  "It's a highway, but it's not a big enough highway, and it's just not built to maintain all these trucks and traffic," he said.
Rogers wants to see more traffic lights added, and more signs warning drivers about truck traffic.  He said he simply doesn't want to see anyone else die here, including himself.

"It frightens you, because there were lives lost this morning and it hurts," he said.

A police department official told Action News 5's George Brown that he doesn't think this particular intersection is that dangerous, but both car and truck drivers in the area need to remember it isn't the interstate.