Witnesses claim out of county residents voted in election

Four candidates that claim voter fraud and voting machine tampering made them lose at the polls in the August 3rd election were back court Wednesday.

Attorneys for Juvenile Court Clerk candidate Shep Wilbun, Probate Court Clerk candidate Sondra Becton, Criminal Court Clerk candidate Vernon Johnson and Shelby County Clerk candidate Otis Jackson called witnesses who testified about findings that they claim show hundreds of people who do not live in Shelby County voted in the August 3rd countywide election.

John Harvey, a now retired Shelby County Sheriff's deputy, testified about a database he put together while he was an investigator with the D.A.'s office.  Harvey accessed Tennessee Driver's License records,  something available only to law enforcement. He testified more than 400 voters had residency problems, according to his findings

Harvey wouldn't testify about personal information like driver's license numbers, information the attorney for the plaintiffs wanted.  "As it relates to divulging any information, I consider private, I'm going to claim the right not to testify unless ordered to by the judge," he said.

Robert Hummel, who owns a mail service, testified about how he got voters' change of address records and compared them to people who voted.  "They came back showing some 6,000 had moved," Hummel said. "Of those 6,000, 400 had moved, pardon me, had submitted a change of address."

The four unsuccessful candidates challenging the election all ran in clerk's races.  The all lost by fewer than one thousand votes.

Thursday, attorneys for the defendants, the county, and election commission may call the commission's administrator, James Johnson, to the stand.  A decision could come Thursday.