2 students arrested after a gun is brought to Houston High

For an entire day, students went to class and wandered the halls in Houston High School while one of their own held a handgun in his school bag.

Houston High parent Terry Schultz says, "In today's environment, there's guns everywhere, there's drugs everywhere. It was disappointing more than it was surprising."
Sheriff's deputies discovered the gun and arrested two students.
Houston High School sent this letter to parents earlier this week... Letting them know what happened.
Student told their parents they saw the gun on the bus on the way to school. Those parents told the school.
Administrators tracked down the 11th grade female who brought the gun to school and a 9th grade boy who held onto it during the school day.

Mike Tebbe with Shelby County schools says, "I think in light of everything that's happened you know nationally, across the country in the past few years, that's exactly what needs to be done."
Shelby County School district spokesman Mike Tebbe says the district closely monitors its students... and  parents need to do the same.

Tebbe continues, "Relatives need to keep their firearms locked up too. You know we don't have vending machines here where you can get a gun. They're coming from home."
Parents we talked with say they're concerned but believe their children are safe.

Houston High parent Beth Burgess says, "It was a little scary, the thought of it, but she's been having a pretty good year and I know the people that she is with are good people."
The two students arrested both face expulsion.. a punishment parents say fits the crime.