Memphis police continue to investigate deadly morning accident

Surveillance cameras mounted at a nearby business were focused on Lamar Avenue at the time of a deadly crash.

The video shows that as one tractor trailer stops, the one following behind does not.  Police believe the massive explosion that followed was fueled by a cargo of c-cell batteries on the second truck involved.

Hours later investigators had very little to go on because travelers in both trucks were either killed or critically injured.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with Memphis Police say, "Unfortunately, several of the deceased were burned beyond recognition.  We are going to enlist the services and assistance of the medical examiner's office to identify these victims."

Witnesses first thought a third vehicle was involved, but a closer look shows a car spin around and pull away from the flames.  Police hope whoever was in that car the is okay and will come forward.

Higgins continues, "That's what we need..we need to speak to those individuals."

Truck drivers say it's a solemn reminder to follow the rules of the road.

"This is no game out here and a lot of people think it is," continues Higgins.

Daniel Colbert travels with his wife and two dogs. He's anxious to find out why there were so many people traveling on only 2 trucks.

Truck driver Daniel Colbert says, "I'm astounded.  I can't understand why a situation like that would arise why there would be more than two people on that truck."

Colbert says this is proof that it takes a split second to alter lives forever.