Judge rules against losing candidates in voting irregularities case

A Chancery Court judge ruled Thursday afternoon against 4 losing candidates from the August 3rd.

Claims made by candidates Shep Wilbun, Sondra Becton, Vernon Johnson, and Otis Jackson that the August 3rd primary was tainted were tossed out.

Plaintiff Wilbun, who lost his bid as the Juvenile Court Clerk, said it was Shelby County voters who really lost. "We all need to figure out a way to ensure those of use who live in Shelby County don't have our votes diluted by people who chose to leave Shelby County," he said. "In fact, I think that is the most distressing part of this whole case."
Wilbun, along with the other plaintiffs, claimed as many as 400 people came across state lines to vote in the election.

James Johnson, the Administrator of Elections for Shelby County, was called to testify about the security of the August primary.  "We try to deal with the fact that voters live where they say they live," he said.

Johnson hoped the fraud case would not discourage voters. "I hope people will trust the system," he said. "We do our best to conduct the elections fairly and try to follow the law."
Johnson said every citizen has the right to challenge election results.

Unless the plaintiffs file an appeal in the case, the final results of the August 3rd election will stand.