SSGT Jan Fair, U.S. Air Force

This Dyersburg native spend a lot of time protecting her family and protecting the environment. "I'm a bio-environmental engineering technician and I'm responsible for making sure the people who work within the AFR are protected for any occupational hazards," says U.S. Air Force SSGT Jan Fair.

Jan's father says there's not much his daughter can't handle. "I'm proud of her. And you know she's raising three kids and is in the Air Force and that's a pretty good amount to say. She's just that kind of person," says Ralph Balthrop. Jan has been in the Air Force for almost ten years, most of that time spent at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. But she left November 13th for a 45 day assignment in Kuwait. There, Jan will supervise civilians in an environmental project at a U.S. military base. And the timing concerns her father. "It don't make me feel good. I mean you know I worry about it and I realize that's a part of it. I mean if you're in the service you have to do what you have to do."

But, Ralph Balthrop says his daughter knows the country supports her. "She just made the statement, she said it makes you feel good to think that you're in the service and that people are so much behind you and what you're doing and she said it makes you feel good to know that we live in a country like we live in." So while SSGT Jan Fair is fighting for our freedom, she can depend on others who are fighting for her, back home in the Mid-South.