Jeremy Hunt gets Back on Court with Tigers

The 2005-'06 Tigers Basketball season, no doubt, was one of the greatest in University of Memphis history..

A 33-and-4 record, a Number One seed, and an Elite 8 run in the NCAA Tournament...

But for Guard Jeremy Hunt, every game was a painful reminder of the season that could have been for him.

Hunt was dismissed from the team for his actions off the court away from campus...

An altercation with his former girlfriend, combined with a late night fight on Beale Street cost Hunt his Senior Season and, almost, his college career.

But, after adhering to all the tenets of his probation, sticking around the gym, AND graduating on time, U of M Coach John Calipari allowed Hunt back on the squad.

A controversial move yes, and one Hunt Greatly appreciates.

Hunt says his role now is to show the younger players what NOT to do in their lives as college basketball players..  He says he feels he's learned a tough lesson, and wants to share that with his teammates.