Tigers Can't Close Football Games

There must be something in the Memphis Air when it comes to players getting hurt..

For the second straight year, injuries are reaching epidemic proportions for the Memphis Tigers Football team.

As the Injuries mount, so do the losses.

Sick of seeing it yet?

Not if you're an Arkansas State fan.

The 53 yard Hail Mary to beat the Tigers Saturday will go down in lore as one of the few times the play has ever worked.

It's put the Tigers in a near hopeless situation.

U of M Coach Tommy West says: "I've never been in this situation, 1-and-5, so I don't

have all the answers about what you are supposed to do or how you are supposed to act. -- But I haven't given up on this team yet.'>

The Tigers could easily be 5-1 instead of 1-5 this year. For whatever the reason, they have been unable to win the close games down the stretch, unlike the past 3 years.The Tigers have won 65 percent of the close ones since 2002. This year it's a big fat zero percent, 0-4.

Coach West says..

'There's some youth involved with the errors because we're so injured. We played 27 freshman and sophmores Saturday.'>

The most serious injury, defensive back Rod Smith broke his neck against the Indians. Specifically the C-5 vertibrae. He'll have surgery tomorrow and will be out for the year.

<'All I know is we gotta try and win this game. It's that simple.'>

In theory, yes. But beating Conference USA champ Tulsa Saturday may take, well, a Hail Mary.