(D) Steve Cohen

Bio from Steve Cohen's web site:

Steve Cohen is a fourth-generation Memphian who has dedicated his life to public service. As a child stricken with polio, Steve's dreams of playing sports yielded to the other passion in his young world, politics. Filing to run for office on the same day he first registered to vote, Steve stepped onto the path that has defined his life and affected the lives of people in Memphis and across Tennessee throughout his career in national, state and local politics.

During his term as a Shelby County Commissioner, Steve cast one of the essential votes for the creation of the Med. This would be the first in a long line of votes during his career to fight for the most basic of human rights such as access to health care.

Steve's 24 years in the State Senate serving the citizens of Memphis provide a record of vigorous, passionate, honest and unselfish service that is unparalleled. He consistently stands up for the people who elected him, not for special interests. Steve has a well-deserved reputation for standing up and speaking out on important issues and has been called the father of the Tennessee Lottery which has produced over a half-billion dollars for education in just over two years.

He has provided outstanding constituent service to the citizens of Senate District 30 and to Memphis as a whole. Steve Cohen has never faltered in his fight for those who do not have the power bestowed by wealth and advantage, realizing that the American dream cannot flourish without constant rededication to its principle. Steve Cohen now stands ready to serve the citizens of Congressional District 9 with the same ethics, vigor and dogged determination that have marked his life of public service.

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