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(I) Jake Ford

Bio from Jake Ford's web site: Name: Newton Jake Ford    

Born:  October 1, 1972 (Memphis, TN)    

High School: St. Albans Boys School 1984-1991 (Washington, D.C.), Harker Prep 1991 (Potomac, MD) G.E.D. Diploma 1992 (Memphis, TN)    

Attended Christian Brothers University 1993
Attended Clark Atlanta University 1994-1996    

Occupation: Vice President of The Harold Ford Group    

Mother:  Dorothy Bowles Ford    
Father: Harold Eugene Ford Sr.    

Church:    Mt. Moriah East Baptist Church        

Political Experience:    
2004 Delegate at-large for the Tennessee delegation at the Democratic convention in Boston, Mass.    
2002 Chief Campaign Coordinator in Shelby County for Congressman Bob Clement for U.S. Senate.    
2002 Campaign Coordinator/Gotv (Get out to vote) Coordinator in Shelby County for Mayor Phil Bredesen for Governor.    
1997 to present Vice President of The Harold Ford Group  
1996 President Bill Clinton's re-election campaign;
2000 Vice President Al Gore for president campaign;
and 2004 Senator John Kerry for president campaign.

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