Hurricanes Ill Wind Heeded in Memphis at Melrose

This scene has brought cries of outrage throughout the nation...

This Huge in-game melee between the University of Miami and Florida International resulted in 31-players suspended, and impassioned apologies from both school Presidents.

The Repercussions are felt all the way here to Memphis, where one school has a very close connection to the Hurricanes.

Action News 5's Dave Cera has the story.

Lavaughn Bridges has been the principal at Melrose high school for 27 years. He also happens to be a big football fan.

In the wake of what happened in Miami this weekend, Bridges called a team meeting with the Golden Wildcats Tuesday

<' I'm afraid there is going to be a ripple effect from kids seeing that and that's why we had the meeting. To reiterate that character is very important.'>

On the football field head coach Hubbard Alexander gets his team ready for Thursday's game against Sheffield.

In an illustrious coaching career that's spanned over 40 years, he's coached at all levels, winning 3 Superbowls with the Dallas Cowboys.

Alexander has also won two National Championship while coaching at the University of Miami. In 1983 and 1988. He says he's never seen anything like what happened Saturday night.

<'It was like a street corner fight that should have never happened. If it happened elsewhere people would have been arrested.'> '>

Just so happens a former Melrose player now plays for the Miami Hurricanes.

Cornerback Carlos Armour was one 31 players suspended for their involvement in the fight.

Alexander says high school is the ideal time to teach kids that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Hubbard Alexander adds..

<'They're very open minded and eager to learn. You gotta teach discipline all the time, what they can do, what they can't do and hat will not be tolerated. '>

Before it's too late.