Staff Sergeant Leslie Webber; Staff Sergeant Ruth Wilson, U.S. Air Force

From special bonds to special moments, sisters share many things. But Leslie Webber and Ruth Wilson are two sisters who share something very special. For the past five years, they've both served our country in the U.S. Air Force. "After they got in, I kept supporting them. Telling them, sounds like you're into something good here," says their father, Eddie Wilson.

Things have worked out so well in fact, that Leslie and Ruth re-enlisted. Now the two sisters from Jackson, Tennessee are stationed in Texas, and both work for the Air Force Intelligence Agency. "I'm proud of them. Proud of what they're doing, and I'm behind them," their father says.

Mr. Wilson admits he's been worried since the September 11 attacks, but he says his girls are ready to do their duty. "They weren't scared. They weren't worried. They knew what their job was and they were going to do it."

The way they do their jobs has had a great impact on another family member. Ruth's twin sister Rebecca plans to enlist in the Air Force next month. And she says the support of her sisters will be a big help. "I'll have two people looking out for me, maybe show me what I need to do. Answer questions," Ruth Wilson says.

There's no question that Eddie Wilson is proud of all three of his daughters, who are dedicating their lives to fighting for our freedom. "I hope that they stay safe. I hope everything they work for turns out and I love them."