SGT 1st Class Jimmy Dennis, U.S. Army

While Tammy Dennis is at the front of the class, teaching her third grade students at Crump Elementary, her brother, Sergeant First Class Jimmy Dennis is on the front lines, fighting for our freedom. Her brother's fight in the war against terrorism is something Ms. Dennis has shared with her students. "When I told them that he was going to have to go, you know, some of them became very emotional and very upset. Then when they found out that he was going, they really started to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the songs from their hearts," she says.

The hearts of the Crump Elementary School students have been with Sergeant Dennis since September 11. "I told them this morning, we got a letter from Jimmy on Friday. And they're all praying for him and writing him little letters, and little pictures for him, drawing little American flags." The mementos serves as little reminders of why the U.S. Army Night Stalker is serving our country. Sergeant Dennis joined the Army Reserves right out of high school. He decided to go active duty when the U.S. entered the Gulf War, and he's steadily risen through the ranks.

"He's just made a good life for himself. he's turned out to be a fabulous man," his sister says. A fabulous man, and a fabulous role model for a class of third graders, back home in Memphis. "And he sent word, 'tell them that he appreciates it' and keep praying for him and you know, keep those well wishes coming. And hopefully he'll be able to come and thank them himself someday... soon.">