Letter from Officer Robert Langley's Aunt

Officer Robert Langley was killed following a traffic stop with a Germantown man
Officer Robert Langley was killed following a traffic stop with a Germantown man

Below is an email sent to us by Lisa Dean, aunt of Ole Miss Officer Robert Langley.  She sent it to WMCTV.COM a few days after her nephew's death.  It appears here, unedited, with her permission.

Yesterday I lost someone very dear to me. One of the greatest men I know. Someone who made me a better person for knowing him. I watch this man grow from being a child who had a very rough life, make something of himself. He had just his self to thank for his accomplishments. I'm not just saying this because he was my nephew, but I watched him grow into a man of honor, respect and a deep love of his family. Once he set his mind on something he did it. There was no stopping him. I could write of the awful childhood he had, the hardships he  faced as an adult, but at this time I won't. I'll look back on what Robbie did for so many people, the people he forgave for such wrong doings.

And I know in my heart he would want us to continue to carry on. So many times has touched me and always had a smile on his face. I never saw him when he didn't. He always told me Aunt Lisa I love you and one day you will find your happiness. I take comfort in that and think of his smile when he said those words to me.

Even after a such a short life..he lived it to the fullest...he knew what he wanted and how to achieve it. He did all those things. A wonderful family and a great career. He wanted so much in life..and I think in the end he had it all.

I think if someone asked me today who my hero was it would have to be him. He showed me that no matter how hard life is..we can always do better. We can always achieve our dreams. He did that! And maybe just maybe even more than ever I can learn more from the man I called my nephew. To live life like there was no tomorrow...to go after my dreams. Make myself happy no matter what the odds.

Robert Langley you will be so greatly missed.... I know as I look back the thing I think of most was a fishing trip we took..you had your bait stuck in a tree, but that didn't stop you, just like everything else you never said never...and never gave up until you had it in the water again..I remember calling you a monkey..and I smile...as I did so many times watching you become a man....

I love you always ...

and you will always be that boy with the big ears...and I smile once again

I just wanted people to know the person Robbie was..and will always be to us.The man that fought for his country and his home. We have lost a wonderful man.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.