New cartoon spoofs Senate ad

A blogger has produced an animated cartoon spoofing a recent Harold Ford, Jr. ad.  It is the latest digital volley in an online campaign that, alongside its broadcast component, has been ranked as one of the dirtiest races in the country.

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Meanwhile, a media research group released a report that shows Republican candidate Bob Corker has air more ads than any other candidate in eleven key U.S. Senate races across the nation.

Nielsen Media Research says Corker aired 12,000 ads between August first and October 15th. Ford aired more than seven thousand in comparison. And those numbers only include ads paid for by the candidates, not independent committees, which are also spending millions on advertising in the Tennessee race.

Ford's ad buy for the same period ranked sixth among 23 candidates running for important Senate seats during this midterm election. Corker's campaign spokesman said the reason the numbers are high is because the period covered the last 72 hours of the Republican primary.

Ford would only remark about the negative tenor of some of Corker's ads. He said he doesn't recall a positive, substantive ad from Corker during the campaign.

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