Lt. Colonel Richard Vaught, U.S. Air Force

As a standout player for Christian Brothers High School., Richard Vaught spent a lot of time planning strategies on the football field. Now as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, Richard is planning strategies for the U.S. military. "I don't know many people that are more dedicated. Right now, if he was given cart blanche, he would probably be over there taking care of things all by himself," says Richard's sister Nola Gregory.

Richard is in Ramstien, Germany, and although he's far from Afghanistan, he is directly involved in the war against terrorism. "You know I'm very, very proud of him and what he's done for our country." Richard's sister, says whether her brother was on the goal line, or the front line, she has always been proud. "I was the little sister and he was the big brother and I always looked up to him, you know you always thought your big brother could do anything in this world, and I guess I still do right now."

And she's proud that Richard has made a career, out of fighting for our freedom. "The unbelievable dedication you have to have to this to really make it and make it as high as he has gone, it's just incredible." And it's that dedication that makes Richard a hero.