Specialist Jahi Foster, U.S. Army

The Fosters are a tight family. And ever since Jahi Foster joined the Army, the bond has grown even stronger. "He knows there's a chance that he won't see us again and he's taking that and he's going anyway. He's doing what he loves to do." Jahi's sister Ayoka says her brother loves being in the military and he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect our country. "And I asked him was he scared to go to war if he had to? And he was like no. That's what he signed up to do and if he had to do it he would. He would just go over there and give it his all." Jahi is giving it his all.

After three years stationed in Missouri, the Craigmont High School graduate re-enlisted for another three years, and is now serving in Germany. Ayoka says the distance between them is difficult. "He's nice to be around. He's fun and I miss him and I wish he could be here instead of the army but I know he's doing what he has to do." And his strength and determination is what makes Jahi a hero to his little sister. "He's real strong minded he's loving and I'm just proud of him."