Wolfchase Robbery

A day of shopping for a mid-south woman ended with her looking at the end of a SHOTGUN! Investigators say the shopper was threatened and robbed in a mall parking lot. This story came to us through an email that's been circulating around the Memphis area.

We pulled up the police report and sure enough this story was no urban legend -- but a warning to anyone who shops here at Wolfchase galleria.

Lauren Rickman is trying to get the word out through e-mail. " I am not carrying a purse with me again nor will I go alone again. Everybody needs to know about this Wolfchase mall is the number 1 mall in Memphis."

She helped her mother write and email to warn everyone about what happened to her best friend jenny.

A Police report describes a frightening scene saturday night when lauren's friend jenny walked out of the sears pickup area to the parking and a car pulled up with a man asking for her purse. The victim's mother is Lori Hosch "Jenny told him no and she said it didn't register what was happening until they cocked the shotgun."

The victim's mother says the gunman robbed her daughter of her purse, her cell phone and her piece of mind. " she didn't sleep for 2 days didn't eat her boss let her off of work. She is still petrified."

Management at wolfchase says it's one of the safest areas to shop in memphis they have police on bike patrol, horseback, undercover police officers and what happened on Saturday was an isolated incident."

The victim's father says, "that's great for them to say that it shoulda coulda woulda but they didn't."

Alan Hosch hopes his daughter's misfortunes can help others and alert the public to watch out.

"you need to be cognizant of your surroundings you need to pay attention to what's going on."

Useful information that could keep you from being the next robbery victim.

The victim was not physically hurt and the gunman has not been arrested.

Memphis Police say people can expect to see more security here with the holiday shopping season a few weeks away.